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We offer a broad range of accessibility remediation services to publishers for their print and digital assets, including NIMAS conversion, Tagged PDF/UA remediation as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.x and Federal Rehabilitation Act (FRA), Section 508 specifications, forging mandatory accessibility compliances for State-adopted Instructional Materials.

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"They are excellent to work with and have always met deadlines or exceeded them."

Randy K. Messer for Perfection Learning

"What a joy it was to work with DMI… They were very responsive and responsible."

Kyrsten Thompson for Learning Without Tears

"Working with NIMAS Master was quick and easy! Everything went smoothly!"

Greg Synnott for Center for Civic Education

"It is a very nice feature to have the products automatically sent to NIMAC."

Sheldon Savage for Studies Weekly

"NIMAS Master provided us with excellent work on our accessibility project! We needed accessibility-tagged PDFs and NIMAS-ready xml for two extremely large curricula programs, totaling thousands of pages. The primary motivation was for Texas BOE requirements, but we also wanted these files to be AA standard for other uses. The content is highly complex and layered, requiring a strong level of attention to tag properly. I was very impressed with the team's responsiveness to my queries and requests. All work was turned in on schedule (in spite of it being an aggressive schedule), and the team was flexible when we hit snags on our end. Brijesh and his team are very knowledgeable about this work, and provided us with recommendations when needed. I highly endorse their work and will definitely turn to them with any similar needs in the future."

Jennie Redwitz, Managing Editor  for Center for the Collaborative Classroom


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and Dependable Support

Our service is for you if you are a curriculum material publisher and are in need of accessibility compliance support.

We help you prepare, structure, edit and convert your source files to NIMAS-conformant filesets. Our service is inclusive of fileset validation, quality assurance, preparation of title metadata, upload to the NIMAC portal and revision management till a title has been certified by NIMAC.

We can provide (as a third-party) an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) aligned to the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®), which is the leading global reporting format for assisting buyers and sellers in identifying digital products and services with accessibility features. The current version of the VPAT® is Version 2.3 (April 2019). We cover VPAT 2.3 508: Revised Section 508 standards – the U.S. Federal accessibility standard; and VPAT 2.3 WCAG: WCAG 2.1 or ISO/IEC 40500 – W3C/WAI’s recently updated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, either separately, or incorporated in the VPAT 2.3 INT.

NIMAS Master
NIMAS Master


Next Generation Digital
Learning Platform

We offer a comprehensive Next Generation Digital Learning Platform that is compliant with the leading technical standards in delivering digital education.

We have a mature and seasoned team that can handle complex tasks at scale. We can enable you to meet and exceed the innovation in edutech. We offer xAPI, IMS Global—LTI, IMS Global—TCC, IMS Global—QTI, IMS Global—OneRoster, IMS Global—CASE, and Ed-Fi compliant Digital Educational Platform and Accessible Instructional Materials for an Edu System.

NIMAS Master
NIMAS Master

Best Spoken Math Processor

NIMAS, Accessible EPUB, and DTBMathML 3.0

We offer quality MathML conversion as a part of our NIMAS conversion service. Our Spoken Math processing is based on an automated parser that we have developed over a period of time, and fine-tuned with experts response and quality validation. This is the best parser for producing spoken math narration with an impeccable accuracy.

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Equitable Education

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Our service is used by curriculum materials publishers, academic publishers, education agencies, schools and colleges, universities and governmental and non-governmental organizations; and we are proud that our work has helped tens of thousands of differently abled students.

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NIMAS Master
NIMAS Master
NIMAS Master